Colombia, 1998. Amparo’s eldest son, Elías, has been drafted and posted to a distant and dangerous battalion. Although her son is difficult, unemployed, and reluctant to study, Amparo will do whatever she can to keep him out of the army.


Colombia, Germany, Sweden, Qatar

95 minutes


Cast: Sandra Torres, Diego Tobón 

Director: Simón Mesa Soto

Screenplay: Simón Mesa Soto

Casting: John Bedoya

Photography: Juan G. Sarmiento

Production design: Marcela Gómez

Sound: Carlos Arcila, Ted Krotkiewski

Editing: Ricardo Saraiva


An Ocúltimo, Flare Film and Momento Film production / in association with Evidencia Films / with support from Fondo para el Desarrollo Cinematográfico Proimágenes Colombia, Svenska Filminstitutet, Doha Film Institute, Magin Comunicaciones, Comisión Fílmica de Medellín, Goethe Institut Bogotá


World Premiere: Critics’ Week, Cannes Film Festival

International Sales: The Match Factory