Simón Mesa Soto



Colombia, 1998. Amparo’s eldest son, Elías, is already 18 years old. He qualified for compulsory military service and has been assigned to a remote battalion in a conflict region. Amparo doesn’t want her boy to be taken away. She contacts a man on the black market who can turn the tables and get her military ID, a very common transaction in those days, but the cost is too high for a working-class single mother. In the course of a day, the time he has before being recruited, Amparo undertakes the search to prevent the departure of his son. A decision that confronts her with a society governed by man, corruption and war. And that questions her values ​​as a mother and as a woman.


Colombia, Germany, Sweden, Qatar

95 minutes


Cast: Sandra Torres, Diego Tobón 

Director: Simón Mesa Soto

Screenplay: Simón Mesa Soto

Casting: John Bedoya

Photography: Juan G. Sarmiento

Production design: Marcela Gómez

Sound: Carlos Arcila, Ted Krotkiewski

Editing: Ricardo Saraiva


An Ocúltimo, Flare Film and Momento Film production / in association with Evidencia Films / with support from Fondo para el Desarrollo Cinematográfico Proimágenes Colombia, Svenska Filminstitutet, Doha Film Institute, Magin Comunicaciones, Comisión Fílmica de Medellín, Goethe Institut Bogotá


World Premiere: Critics’ Week, Cannes Film Festival

International Sales: The Match Factory